Čačak is a city recognizable for its preserved architecture with elements of modern ways of building, but also for its preserved ambient whole. It is one of the biggest cities in Serbia. The city of Cacak passed through several phases in its development. Each of these periods is characterized by rich monument heritage and tells about the life of the city in the course of multi century history.

Cacak is the city of sports with a big number of sports clubs. In the city and its vicinity there are numerous sports playgrounds and objects where sport-recreational activities can be organized. There is the river West Morava as well which attracts more and more visitors with its contents.

A few kilometers away from Cacak there are spas, villages, and monasteries, cultural and historical monuments. A very beautiful nature of Ovcar-Kablar gorge, lakes and meanders of the West Morava, rich flora and fauna are reasons, if you are staying in Cacak, for making excursions to see these interesting places.

Ovcar-Kablar gorge is situated in the central part of Serbia, within West Pomoravlje, and it splits highlands of Sumadija, in the north, up to Dragacevo and Starovlaska-Raska highlands in the south. It belongs to those regions of Serbia which have attracted with their natural beauties and monuments treasure for centuries. Basic natural characteristics of the gorge are impressive massifs of Ovcar and Kablar by which the gorge got its name. The main mass of these mountains is built of limestone from the period of Triace. Not many gorges in Serbia are decorated with squeezed meanders or thermal springs as this one. The main morphological feature of the gorge presents exceptionally expressed windings of the river Morava flow and the lowest part of the valley, which our famous scientist Jovan Cvijic called squeezed meanders. By the Regulation of the Government of Republic of Serbia (”Official Gazette RS No. 16/2000) Ovcar-Kablar gorge was pronounced natural heritage of I category – Region of exceptional characteristics. Protected area spreads on 2250 ha out of which 1700 ha is on the territory of Cacak municipality, and 550ha on the territory of Lucani municipality. On the territory of the gorge protection regime of II degree (542ha) and III degree (1707) are established.

Ovcar-Kablar gorge’s basic relief, especially mountains Ovcar and Kablar are dressed in secretive woods and unforgettable scenery and it is even more beautiful when one can see an eagle in its sky or hear the sound of gray falcon.

In the heart of Ovcar-Kablar gorge, surrounded with the green, vast woods there is a spring of thermal-mineral water of Ovcar Banja. This hidden natural pearl is 17km far from Cacak on the way to Zlatibor, i.e. region of West Serbia (M5). It is situated in a smaller morph tectonic widening, of the confluence of Banja brook into the West Morava river, at the altitude of 278 m.

Except for thermal-mineral springs which are used in therapy, this spa is unique in Serbia as it is located in the region of exceptional characteristics, surrounded by the river, lakes and lavishly green mountains Ovcar (985m) and Kablar (885m).

The package includes visits to Dragačevska and Ovcar-Kablar rural households. Half board starts from CHF 25.00 per day.