Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast that twenty five centuries resists defiantly to the ravages of time. Miraculously raised on the rocks above the open sea, facing the Otranto irresistibly captures all your senses. Through centuries accumulated diversities of cultures and civilizations merged into one entity. Something like a small paradise on earth, carved in timeless centuries of bloody fighting, defiance, pride and love of all those who have visited this place at least once in their lifetime.

The earliest evidence lead us to prehistoric time when Ulcinj belonged to Illyrians, people of Indo-European origin. Ulcinj’s old town was founded back in the fifth century BC by Colchians why originally was named Kolihinium. In the second century (163 years BC) was conquered by the Romans from the Illyrian tribes Olcinijantas and then the ancient city Colchinijum becomes Olcinijum. Under Roman rule Olcinijum granted special status as a town with special privileges (opida civijum romanorum) and later as a city of an independent status (Municipia). Due to its exceptional geographical location, terrain and mild climate it has always been a major target of the invaders. Ulcinj is a city whose walls were often demolished in wars but also renovated by all those who, because of exceptional beauty of this ancient city, found peace by building fortifications and residences for themselves. The Byzantine Emperor Justilijan has renewed it and made fortress and after him Nemanjići, Nemanjići, Balšići, Mlečani and Turks.

Ulcinj is not only to be seen, it must be truly experienced. Unique and indescribable beauty of Ulcinj fortress whose ramparts rise directly from the sea, we must leave it to the walls, towers, battlements, gates to share their rich history. If you want to experience the exotics, the spirit of the Orient, and to learn something from history, do not miss the Ulcinj Riviera. Ulcinj today apart from the Old Town offers a 33 km of coastline, of which 18 km of beautiful beaches, starting from the Long Beach, which stretches for 10 miles and is recognized by fine sand with a diameter of about, 1 – o, 5 mm. There is a Small (town) beach which is located directly beneath the walls of the Old City. Do not forget the famous beach Valdanos, which is in the hotel Albatros, Liman I and II, Women’s Beach (with its sulfur springs), beach of palace Balšić etc. Below Derana Cape, at the beginning of Long Beach is the marina, known as “Porta Milena”, a real gem for the eyes, set deep into the land with numerous sheds, which locals call “kalimere”.

Finally there is the island of Ada Bojana that is created artificially in nineteenth century. At the place where the island is today stranded ship “Merito” and deposition in the river have created this little paradise on earth. Ada is a renowned tourist jewel of Montenegro, a nudist resort with beautiful sandy beach and unique ambiance, cleverly hidden from prying eyes on two sides with beautiful river Bojana and on the third side with cleanest sea water. If you ever want a dream holiday, dressed as Adam and Eve, Ada Bojana is definitely the right choice.

Nor more beautiful area, nor tastier food, gourmets that visited Ulcinj at leaste once, and its famous and well known restaurants such as seafood restaurant in Ada Bojana “Košuta Barakuda“, “San Marino” or restaurant “Miško.” You can not imagine how many smells and tastes of various dishes prepared in the Oriental way, or the way that old Montenegrin women were preparing food, or prepared by the latest international chefs recipes, you can try in Ulcinj hotels, restaurants, or in open gardens or terraces.

In addition to restaurants, among which stand out “Montana”, “Shaši” or “Grande amore,” in the old and new part of Ulcinj and the surroundings, there are many objects, like old wine cellar in a typical oriental or ethnic style, beautifully landscaped garden terrace, pizzeria, cafe … where you can also enjoy tasting or consuming different types of foods and beverages.

For young adults, for whom speed and desire for crazy fun does not allow “to the night to go smoothly”, there is the famous Ulcinj’s disco “Primavera”, which guarantees an unforgettable party till the early morning hours, in which perform the most famous celebrities of the local music scene.